bernese mountain dogs


As of March 22nd, 2023, Katie is in currently in heat and being bred by Captain!

If all goes well, we should have baby Berners towards the end of May! 

If you are on the puppy waiting list, I will keep you posted on the progress of when Captain and Katie breed, updates as she gets closer to her due date and soon after she whelps as to how many puppies she had. Pictures of the puppies will be posted on this page from birth through 8 weeks of age so you can keep track of the progress of how your puppy grows during this vital time spent with the parent dogs. Captain is on standby for the first few weeks, but as the puppies become curious, he becomes more intrigued with his offspring. By 5 weeks of age, he helps Katie in the process of teaching and playing with the puppies. 

To see pictures of Captain and Katie when they were puppies and as adults, go HERE.

To fill out the Pre-Adoption Questionnaire, go HERE.