Bernese Mountain Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dogs, one of the most cuddly, loveable, friendly and loyal family oriented dogs you’ll ever meet!

Have you been toying with the idea of getting a Bernese Mountain Dog? Is a Bernese Mountain Dog the right addition for you and your home?

I strongly suggest you read up on the breed, watch YouTube videos, ask questions to Berner pet owners (if you know of anyone), or feel free to ask me. My suggestion, if you’ve never had a large breed dog, or have never been around a large breed dog, that you do your homework first before buying a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. Too often is the the case where people see a little ball of fluff that resembles a bear cub (although tri-colored) and cannot foresee into the future just HOW big this little fluffball will be within 6 months. Yes! By 6 months, your little bundle of fur can easily be as much as 80 pounds or more!

For those of you who’ve had or currently are experienced with large breed dogs, whether it be the Berner (short for Bernese Mountain) or some other large breed of dog, you already know what to expect as far as size.

If you are seriously considering a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, there are some interesting facts to consider before purchasing. You can read all about the Berners on the “10 Fun Facts About Berners” page, which I will link to go directly to for ease.

If you know, without a doubt, that you have your heart set on buying one of these gentle giants, you can go directly to the Pre-Adoption Questionnaire Form page. There will be basic questions for you to fill out and submit. These questions will help me determine if you are a good fit for a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy.

I love it when my puppy customers send me updates on their Berners! CLICK HERE to see pictures and videos of Katie and Captain’s previous litters!

CLICK HERE for the current status of KATIE and CAPTAIN to find out when the next litter will be arriving as well as pictures of the new puppies and weekly updates from birth to 8 weeks of age when they can finally go to their forever homes!