The Pre-Adoption Questionnaire is to be filled out and submitted to me, prior to the commitment of buying a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy. This form will not only help me get to know you better and determine if you, as an individual, or you and your family, are a good fit for a Bernese Mountain Dog. It will also help you to self-evaluate if this is the right breed and know if you are prepared to bring home a Berner. Sometimes we need to ask ourselves questions such as…

Is this the right breed for me? Am I prepared to have a large breed dog in the house? Can I afford to care for a large breed dog? Is this the right timing? By answering a few questions, you should be able to come to a definitive conclusion as to whether or not a Bernese Mountain Dog is right for you.

If the JotForm below does not work for you, you can access the form HERE.